personality and COMMUNICATION STYLE profiling

What is Personality and Communication Style Profiling?

Communication styles are a way that people communicate with others.  They use both verbal and nonverbal messages – they could be direct or indirect.  Some are assertive which may seem aggressive to those whose communication style is more reserved. 


When people are communicating they often adjust their approach to be engaging or plan the way the information is delivered based on their audience type i.e. technical, industry experts, including inexperienced professionals or the general public.


Accommodating our communication style is how we adjust the language and the way we express ourselves to others hoping to get our message across successfully i.e.  To someone who is direct, you would just cut out any waffle and just tell them, whereas others would like you to persuade them rather than giving them facts and figures.


Understanding your own communication style can effectively help you know how best to communicate with others when you grasp what approach would work for them.


We all know that misunderstanding and confusion lead to so many negative results.  However, if you take the time to understand your own communication style, you get a better idea of how this affects others with different styles.  You would be in a better position to know how best to adjust your communication approach.  This may be where you make things better for your career and enrich your personal relationships.

How Can Personality Profiling and Understanding Communication Style Help?

  • You understand others much better and build better relationships.


  • You will mitigate conflict and manage difficult conversations effectively.


  • Your negotiation and influencing skills improve.


  • You will be able to handle any setting that you go into confidently.
  • You learn more about yourself.  Adding to your own self development journey.


  • Enhances management skills.


  • Your family, children and friends are enriched by what you learn from understanding communication styles.


  • Career development and leadership skills value communication skills at this level of understanding.

How Does it Work?

You would complete an assessment to help determine your style/type.  These can be free online questionnaires or you can invest and pay for the services that include a coaching aspect to it, which involves going through the results with you and determining how you could use your style effectively. 


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